September 24, 2021: Introducing the New Project Manager and New Authoring Environment!

September 24, 2021: Introducing the New Project Manager and New Authoring Environment!

Project Manager:

We have redesigned Projects within the Spaces to make it easier to find all items related to your medical device.
This update makes it even easier to manage your projects. You can read more about the changes including key changes and updates in our latest blog post.

Below are the changes to the Projects that will help optimize your workflow: 

  1. New Project Overview: Get a quick snapshot of the project status, section status, and the Activity Feed.
  2. Project Sections: This is the new screen from where you can access the authoring environment as well as view the collaborators and section completion percentage. You can also add a new section to the project from this screen.
  3. Files: View, search, and manage files uploaded to the project from this screen - we have also added Document Type so you can easily filter files based on the type of document uploaded to the project. The new filters added on this screen help you find the right file faster.
  4. Version: View all the current and past versions for your project, duplicate a version and restore an older version.
  5. Team: View all the team members who have access to the project and invite new team members to the project. We have completely overhauled the process to invite team members to the project. We have drastically reduced the number of steps and the amount of time needed to share the project with team members. You no longer need to add the user to the Account to invite them to the project.
    1. To invite a new team member to the project:
      1. Navigate to "Team" within the Project and hit "+ Share" on the top-right
      2. Add the team member's email 
      3. Change "No Access" to "Can Access" in the dropdown
      4. Hit "Share"
        1. The team member you invited will receive an email from Essenvia and they can follow the steps in the email to create an Essenvia account and access the Project

Authoring Environment:

This release also introduces a new way to access the Authoring Sections. This change helps you focus on the specific section you are working on and dramatically improves the loading time so that you can spend more time working on the sections and less time waiting on the authoring environment to load.

You will still be able to continue using the same editing, formatting, and collaboration features for sections. To access the authoring environment for a particular section in the project, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Project within Essenvia
  2. Hit "Sections" on the top navigation menu
  3. Click on the section you would like to open

Project Sub-Sections:

The sub-sections are still available on the left-hand side while authoring a section. You can move sub-sections within a section by dragging and dropping the sub-sections on the left-hand side just like before. To add new sub-sections, click on the "+" icon within the authoring environment and choose "Subheading" from the menu.

Space Overview:

We have added the number of collaborators, number of projects as well as the last time you visited the space on the dashboard so you get a birds-eye view of all the Spaces within your Essenvia account.

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