October 12, 2021: Changes to file upload process, visual changes to Items linked to Master Information and more.

October 12, 2021: Changes to file upload process, visual changes to Items linked to Master Information and more.

Changes to File Upload Process

We have revamped the file upload process to include a visual update as well as the ability to tag files based on document type. The changes have been made to the file upload process within a section as well as on the "Files" tab within a project. 

You can now also search for files within a section based on whether it was uploaded by you or a member of your team. 

Visual Changes to Items Linked to Master Information

We have given a visual change to the items linked toMaster Information so that you can easily identify which fields are linked to Master Information.

This new change will simplify the authoring experience, especially in cases where a significant number of fields are auto-populated from the Master Information.

In order to view or update the Master Information data, you can click on the "go to Master Information" link. You will then be redirected to the specific sub-section of Master Information that is being referred to.

Other changes:

Below are a few additional minor changes that were released:
  1. Master Information: You will now see green checkmarks on the Master Information screen when a sub-section within Master Information is 100% completed

  2. Sections screen: The Section completion percentage calculation has been updated to account for completion of the "Device Characteristics" section in Master Information

  3. Team screen: You can now view the invitation status of the team members that have been invited to access the project

  4. Inviting users to access Section(s): The email that is sent to the users that are provided access to section(s) within a project is updated to ensure they can see which sections they have received access for as well as the permission they have for the section(s).

  5. Bug fixes: We fixed a few minor bugs in this release.

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