Duplicating Projects

Duplicating Projects

Essenvia offers you a way to duplicate projects. For example, you can duplicate a project to respond to an Additional Information (AI) request from a regulatory authority. When duplicating a project in Essenvia, you will also be able to choose which sections you would like to bring into the new duplicated project.

To get started with duplicating a project, follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your Essenvia account and navigate to the specific Space where you have the project that you would like to duplicate
  2. Click on the "Projects" tab within the space if you are not already on that screen
  3. Click on the 3-dot on the right-hand side of the project that you would like to duplicate

  4.  Provide a name for the duplicate project, enter the submission date and choose which sections you would like to copy over into the duplicated project. You can choose all sections or specific sections from the project that is being duplicated

  5. Choose whether you would like to copy over the appendix and files into the duplicated project

  6. Once ready, click "Continue". This will create a new project in the same space with the sections, appendix and files as per your selection. 

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