Account Administrators (Admins)

Account Administrators (Admins)

Who is an account administrator?

The first registered user from a domain (for example on Essenvia is automatically assigned as the administrator (admin) of the account. The user can delegate their administrator permissions to another user by contacting Essenvia support at

For the most part, an admin has similar rights as other regular users when it comes to creating or managing projects, but there are additional privileges and superpowers as an account administrator as outlined below that allow them to handle important administrative activities that other team members cannot.

If you are looking to add a user to a Project, view the steps here. To add users to a specific Section within a Project, view the steps listed here.

How do you know you have administrator privileges for your Essenvia account?

Log in to your Essenvia account and click on the profile icon on the right top corner. If you can see the "Go to admin" option, you have admin privileges.

Click on "Go to admin" to navigate to the Account Management and preferences screen as show below. The following options are available:

  • Account Management
    • Edit your profile attributes
    • Change Password
  • Preferences
    • Formatting Preferences
    • PDF Format
    • PDF Preferences
  • User Management
    • Add New User
    • Users
    • User Groups
  • Company Management
    • Company Details

We will cover the most important functions that an administrator can perform below:

Adding team members or new users to your Essenvia account

As an administrator you have the ability to add team members who belong to the same domain directly from User Management section on the admin screen. 


  1. Login to Essenvia
  2. Click "Go to Admin" in the menu by clicking on the profile icon on the right top corner
  3. Click on Add users tab on the left hand navigation menu. Add the email and domain address for the user and click next
  4. Add the first and last name, phone number is optional
  5. Select permission (user group) from the below 2 options:
    1. "Add projects": This allows the user to create new projects within your account. Examples are project owners who will be working on and creating 510(k)s, Technical Documentation for CE, etc.
    2. "View projects": This allows the user to be able to collaborate on projects they are invited to but these users will not be able to create projects. Examples are team members who might only need to view information of certain details.

View, update or delete team members or users

You can view all the team members or users added to your account from the Users tab within the User Management section. You can view the name, email address, permission (user group), date of creation and status (active or inactive) for all the team members.

As an administrator you can also modify or delete users and update their permissions (user group) by clicking on the menu for the user as shown below: 

Viewing all projects created by team members

As an account administrator (admin) you can view all projects created in your account from the projects tab. You can navigate to the sections and add new team members to specific projects. More details on project listing and views are covered in Spaces and Projects.

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